Tailored Solutions

MyECheck has industry wide payment solutions for every form of business. Whether you are a small business owner, an enterprise customer at a fortune 500 company, or a government official trying to save taxpayers money. We have what you need!

Mobile Payments


  • MyECheck’s mobile payment app, eMobile Pay: Card Free Wallet, enables customers to store money for use at e Merchant locations.
  • Simply download onto your smart device from iTunes or Google Play. Register and load money into your app’s Wallet from your checking account.
  • Get discounts and Rewards when using eMobile .
Mobile Payments

Small Business

  • Enables wireless point of sale using standard computer hardware and connections.
  • No paper checks or credit cards necessary, accept mobile payments in real time.
  • Small flat fee per transaction of $0.25 or less! No interchange fees, hidden costs, or monthly fees.
  • Transaction data is securely exchanged through QR code invoices.
  • Payments are guaranteed, and no charge backs.
Mobile Payments


  • Custom developed to meet unique business needs.
  • Integrates with other business systems.
  • Comprehensive payment solution for any large-scale enterprise.
Mobile Payments


  • Build your own white label custom payment system to meet your unique needs.
  • Eliminate interchanges fees for your customers.
  • Accommodates all account types without imposing limits.
  • Process fully electronic form of payment out of any government account.

Acceptance Services

MyECheck Acceptance Service enables you to verify information provided by consumers, check the status of their account, prove the transaction is authorized and predict the probability of any problems before a transaction is approved. Transactions are immediately and automatically evaluated and approved or declined based upon the real time results of multiple fraud control tools and database searches.

Check Guarantee Service

Consumers want to conduct transactions as quickly as possible. With MyECheck, you can provide products and services immediately and without worry because our Check Guarantee Service ensures you are paid for every transaction.

Government Services

MyECheck G-Pay Payment Solution enables payments from government to governments, businesses and individuals.

G-Pay service is the only fully electronic payment service that is capable of processing fully electronic transfers from government owned bank accounts. The G-Pay application provides easily implemented secure payment capabilities to and from any government owned checking account.

The system has been developed to assist government entities in transitioning from paper to real-time fully electronic payments. G-Pay works with existing check payment issuance and tracking systems and improves secure system access, transaction authorization verification and customizable automated reporting.

Wholesale Services

Connect to MyECheck’s Check Engine and submit transactions directly from your existing payment platform – in real time or in batches. MyECheck is your invisible backend processor, giving your organization an effective competitive advantage.