FOLSOM, CA Sep 21, 2015 – MyECheck, Inc. (OTC PINK: MYEC) announced today it has entered into an agreement with Charleston Enterprise Group to provide electronic check services for Charleston’s property management business. Under the terms of the agreement, MyECheck will provide a low cost and secure rent payment solution that enables electronic rent payments by tenants to landlords’ existing bank accounts.

MyECheck Electronic Check Service is a patented new payment method to facilitate extremely fast, secure and low cost electronic bank transfers. Electronic checks are like paper checks but are originated electronically and never exist in paper form. They are processed and cleared like a paper check that has been imaged; electronic checks are not converted to ACH transfers like “e-checks”, instead electronic checks clear over the Check 21 rails.

Electronic checks offer many benefits over ACH e-checks. They are not limited to a maximum amount and can be used by any business or consumer with a checking account, unlike ACH e-checks that are rejected by checking accounts that are ineligible or disabled from ACH.

Electronic checks carry more data than ACH transactions, are returned less frequently, work with more payers and clear faster than ACH.

Electronic checks are not subject to the overly burdensome NACHA rules, regulations, fees and fines; and are not able to be easily reversed like ACH transactions, providing increased payment security for merchants.

Electronic checks offer the fastest, safest and lowest cost method to collect rent payments, and other payments.

About Charleston Enterprises: The Charleston Enterprise Group was founded in 2012 to help businesses realize their growth potential through their own experience based consultancy, hands on management and solid investment strategies. The Charleston Enterprise Group is supporting a growing number of very exciting, young, innovative companies in the area of real estate, adventure sport and leisure activities.

About MyECheck, Inc: Winner of the 2015 PYMNTS Award for Best Check Innovation, MyECheck is a leading electronic payment technology developer, licensor and payment services provider. MyECheck operates under license to US Patent 7,389,913, “Method and Apparatus for Online Check Processing” granted June 2008. This patented payment method is the fastest, most secure and most cost effective method of processing payments in the US. MyECheck provides comprehensive payment solutions for all payment applications including mobile payments with the industry’s most advanced processing, security and fraud control technologies. MyECheck customers include corporations, retailers, governments, payment processors and financial institutions.

eMobile is a service of MyECheck, Inc. The eMobile app is a downloadable software mobile commerce system that delivers to businesses real-time guaranteed mobile payments for a flat fee of just $0.25 per transaction. Merchants and businesses can accept mobile payments at their POS or website without the high risk of fraud and chargebacks, and at a fraction of the cost of card based payments or other mobile wallets. For more information visit or contact

For more information, contact

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