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January 25, 2016 by


Peer-2-peer payments aren’t the only online payment systems getting a boost from the financial technology sector.

Two fintech startups are joining forces to bring business-2-business solutions to companies across the globe. MyEcheck and ReceivePay have begun collaboration efforts to simplify and integrate business payment solutions and bring business transactions into the digital age.

ReceivePay has begun operations to integrate MyECheck’s existing B2B infrastructure system, providing access to ReceivePay’s existing clients. MyECheck currently offers digital invoicing and online payment platforms for a multitude of businesses, from the corporate level to small business operations.

The online and smartphone platform will also offer electronic bills with organizational solutions as well as simplifying accounting standards and communication between businesses.

In addition to online payment solutions, MyECheck also helps banking institutions facilitate online money transfers globally.

The platform being offered by ReceivePay and MyECheck will initially launch in the US, but MyECheck said it hoped to launch the platform in Africa and other emerging markets in the near future.

“MyECheck is uniquely positioned, with cloud-based banking and payment platform, along with development, sales and implementation resources in place, to capture market share in Africa, as new technology bring access to basic financial services to hundreds of millions of people,” the firm said in a statement.


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