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MyECheck in the News

January 2016

B2B Payments are Making Strides

Posted: PaymentWeek  January 25, 2016 by Mike Dautner   Peer-2-peer payments aren’t the only online payment systems getting a boost from the financial technology sector. Two fintech startups are joining forces to bring business-2-business solutions [...]

MyECheck Brings Real-Time Payments To Government Services

ByPYMNTS Posted: January 22, 2016 MyECheck, which develops and licenses cloud-based technology geared toward the banking and mobile payments industry, said Thursday (Jan. 21) that it is entering into an agreement with General Payment Systems, a payment [...]

Corporate eChecking On The Move

ByPYMNTS Posted: January 20, 2016 Paper checks may be deader than the trees from which they are made — one day. For now, the wholesale movement toward ePayments is gathering some steam and so is the adoption [...]

April 2015

September 2014

The ABCs of MyECheck

Check truncation, practiced by a lot of banks, saves them a lot of money because they don’t have to physically return the checks to the customer. This process, referred to by the Check Clearing for [...]

August 2014

MyECheck, Inc. Is Worth Checking Out

Research analyst, investor, and student Daniel Lynch described MyECheck as a company we will be hearing about “for years to come.” He told potential OTC investors, “Annual trends for MYEC are broadly and overwhelmingly positive [...]