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MyECheck is the pioneer of the fully electronic check, the leader in electronic check technology, and the trusted advisor in the rapidly evolving landscape of consumerism in the payments industry.

Mission Statement

Lead the electronic check industry in product, service, and technology. 

Superior Services, Cutting-Edge Technology, Patented Products

Superior Services, Cutting-Edge Technology, Patented Products

A new 21st century payment method, electronic checks are the fastest, safest and lowest cost payment method in America, providing secure, low cost, same day payments from any checking account. MyECheck offers a variety of electronic check services for almost any application including personal, business and government payments.

Focused on defining real time secure mobile payments, MyECheck offers a revolutionary and customizable mobile payment app, eMobile Pay: Card Free Wallet. eMobile enables real time guaranteed payments for $0.25 or less. eMobile is bank- account based system, as opposed to many card based wallets. Download eMobile onto most smart mobile devices from iTunes or Google Play and use immediately with no special hardware requirements.

MyECheck is a leading mobile payment system licensor and develops custom mobile payment solutions for corporations and payment service providers.

Founded in 2004 the day Check 21 legislation became effective, MyECheck has evolved the payments landscape by creating the platforms that enable real-time mobile and online payments for all applications and users.

Electronic Check: (1) an electronic image of a check, or returned check, or electronic information related to a check, or returned check, that a bank sends to a receiving bank pursuant to an agreement with the receiving bank, and (2) that conforms with ANS X9.100–187, unless the Board determines that a different standard applies or the parties otherwise agree. The Board proposes a new § 229.30(a), which would provide that electronic checks and electronic returned checks are subject to the provisions of subpart C as if they were checks or returned checks, unless the subpart provides otherwise.

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