Web Services

Accept payments in real-time on your website by electronic account transfers from any checking account with MyECheck Web Services. After an easy technical integration with MyECheck, your customers can pay you by authorizing a fully electronic check on your website. The MyECheck Acceptance System electronically validates the person and their bank account, and approves the transaction in real time.

MyECheck’s patented technology generates fully electronic checks that are formatted for immediate clearing through the Check 21 system.

Acceptance Service

MyECheck Acceptance Service enables you to verify consumer provided data, check the status of their bank account, prove the transaction is authorized, and predict the probability of any problems before the transaction is approved. Transactions are immediately and automatically evaluated and approved or declined based upon the real time results of multiple fraud control tools and database searches.

Check Guarantee Service

Ship product immediately without worry, MyECheck Check Guarantee Service insures you are paid on all transactions. The Check Guarantee Provider buys any returned item that has been guaranteed for the full face value of the check.