About Us


MyECheck is the original and only fully electronic check services provider that enables authorized real-time electronic payments from all US checking accounts.

As the payment industries leader in fully electronic check technology, MyECheck is setting the standards for the future of payments.


Patented new technology

MyECheck enables the safest and most cost effective way to process electronic payments from any checking account.


Lower costs, higher profits

MyECheck provides low cost, high-speed payment solutions for almost every application, from mobile to web to retail to wholesale.

Flat fee pricing as low as $0.15 per transaction with no interchange!

MyECheck solutions require no special hardware and are easily and quickly implemented. Electronic Checks deliver higher transaction clearing rates, faster funds clearing, fewer returned items, fewer customer support issues, less administrative burden and lower overall costs, thereby increasing efficiencies and profitability for our clients.

MyECheck offers multiple services tailored to fit a diverse and large number of industries. In addition to our payment services, we also license turnkey payment systems and perform custom systems development and systems integration services.

Since the day Check 21 legislation was enacted in 2004, MyECheck has been the leader in fully electronic check technology and services, and we continue to be the payment industry’s leading and most innovative developer and provider of Check 21 payment solutions.

MyECheck operates under license to US Patent 7,389,913 Method and Apparatus for Online Check Processing issued June 2008.

As a core processor, MyECheck maintains enterprise scale infrastructure to ensure reliable scalable services to enterprises of all sizes.

MyECheck services provide the fastest, most secure and most cost effective method of processing payments in the US, and our payments work with the most people, businesses and entities.

We have successfully processed millions of fully electronic check transactions for Fortune 100 corporations, state governments, and small businesses.

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